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Fresh Flax Seeds - grown in North American plains offers Premium Quality non genetically modified(GMO), 100% Certified Organic and Natural Golden flaxseed, Brown flax seeds, Flax Oil rich Cold Process Stabilized Whole Flax Seed Flour/Meal with a 20 month shelf life, and an Amazing Flax Seed Cookbook.

Golden and Brown Whole Flax Seed Flour/Meal enhances the flavor of whole wheat or white flour based recipes and retains the high Nutrient Value of flax seed with 50% Flax Oil (Omega 3 & 6 oils) High Protein, and High Fiber 

Flax Seed Weight Loss - A Healthy Low Carb Diet

35% of adults are making a strong effort to get more omega-3s; 27% say they're getting some omega-3s, but not enough to meet their needs(MSI,2012b;IFIC,2013b).

27% of adults looked to organic foods to avoid genetically modified ingredients(GMOs)(Packaged Facts, 2013a)

60% of consumers strongly like the idea of getting their nutrition from foods with naturally occurring health benefits(IFIC,2013b)


Fiber, a complex carbohydrate, is generally defined as the part of a plant that cannot be digested thus, it adds virtually noFlax Seed Weight Loss diets calories to the diet. Fiber when saturated with water fills you up without adding calories.

Flaxseed contains 12 grams of Fiber per serving (1/4c or 3Tbsp. ground); it consists of both soluble and insoluble fiber; and contains more fiber than most plant foods and thus is a natural and useful way to control your weight. The recommended daily intake of fiber is 35 grams.


Fiber is classified as water soluble (holds water) and water insoluble. Water soluble fiber lowers cholesterol and slows the rate of blood glucose (sugar) absorption. Studies of people with adult or obesity-related (type 2) diabetes have shown that high fiber intake (as much as 50 grams a day) may reduce the need for insulin.

In general for every 10g of Flax Seed used in the diet there is a 1% reduction in total Cholesterol and a 1.5% reduction in LDL cholesterol. Ground Flax seed can help keep people off costly drug treatment with its cholesterol lowering effects.The Flax Council of Canada Flax Seed has little or no effect on genetically high cholesterol.NDSU Department of Plant Sciences

Insoluble fiber promotes regularity by keeping waste moving through the digestive tract alleviating digestive disorders and helpful in reducing the risk of colon cancer.

Two thirds of the fiber in flax seed is insoluble and this aids digestion by increasing bulk and reducing the time that waste remains in the body. These characteristics seem to have a role in protecting against cancer. Fiber enhances our body's ability to use other dietary nutrients and goes through our digestive tract almost completely undigested. Once it reaches the colon and/or the large intestine, fiber is then broken down. American Institute for Cancer Research, Mayo Clinic Dietitian - Facts on Flax

Like other sources of fiber, flaxseed should be taken with plenty of fluids. Also, it's best to start with smaller doses one tablespoon and then increase to three tablespoons ground per day (1/4 cup) as your body adjusts to the fiber intake. HealthGate health and medical information

Flax Seed is a Nutritionally Valuable Food

A nutritional analysis of Flaxseed reveals the high concentration of omega-3 essential fatty acid, fiber, lignans and other vitamins and minerals, suggests that Flax Seed helps reduce cholesterol, fight cancer and contributes to a 35% reduction in the blood glucose curve. NDSU Department of Plant Sciences
Flaxseed Fiber Health benefits
The FDA states that Omega-3 fatty acids are beneficial in reducing coronary heart disease.
Omega-3 oil helps keep our blood relatively thin and circulating well, especially in cold weather. Phil Lempert "Today" Food Editor

Scientists have isolated at least three flaxseed components with potential health benefits. The first is colon cleansing fiber, valuable in eliminating wastes from the body. The benefits of the other two substances, omega 3 fatty acids and lignans, may be helpful in the prevention of cancer and heart disease and in treatment of menopausal symptoms and chronic kidney disease. HealthGate health and medical information

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Flax Fans

Comments from our Flax Fans:

“My daughter sent me your Flax seed grinder and 1 gallon of seeds. After trying a couple of other grinders I found yours by far the best it works in about 10 seconds. I will let you know my cholesterol level after I have been taking the flax seeds for awhile.“
Thanks, Chris

“I was hurt in an accident 2 yrs ago. I am in a wheel chair I have been in rehab learning to walk again in braces. I had my cholesterol level checked my count was 262, I did not want to take drugs to lower it. A friend told me to try Flax Seed, I did some checking on the internet and found Flax SeedsI called and ordered the seeds and a grinder. I have flax seed in the morning on my fruit. I am thrilled to say after 4 months I have lowered my count to 191 everything is normal thanks to ” Joyce Matarese

“One year ago I couldn’t write a check as my hands were full of arthritis. After 9 months I had no problem. My cholesterol went from 197 to 122 in 7 months” B.K. MN

“Flax has helped with my stomach problems. I won’t go a day without it!” MN

"I have been using flax for just over a year now. I feel really good. I'm getting the best from you. I started with a small amt. but now I measure 1/4 c ground & a little more each day. I use it on oatmeal. My LDL is a problem but is down to 138 now. So I will keep working on it." Mary OR 8/13

Fresh Golden Flax Seed - Heart Healthy Diet

Golden Flax Seed was developed to yield a higher omega 3 oil content. The cultivation of flaxseed requires stringent growing criteria and an environment well suited to its growth cycle, to produce the best flax seed. The North American plains provide such an environment.

Protein, Dietary Fiber, Omerga 3  oilWhile flax seed was utilized in human nutrition for about 5,000 years, Golden Flax Seed was recently developed into an high-nutrition crop, rich in protein (10g) dietary fiber (12g), very high (50%) in essential omega 3 fatty acids, (alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)) and high in vitamins and minerals per 30gram serving. Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is an essential fatty acid and the major omega 3 fatty acid found in food.

Flax seed provides the flax seed health benefits of omega 3 oil, protein, fiber plus a multi vitamin in a natural pure food form that your body absorbs easily.
Ag Marketing Resource Center, Iowa State University. 9/2003

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