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My daughter sent me your Flaxseed grinder and 1 gallon of seeds. After trying a couple of other grinders I found yours by far the best it works in about 10 seconds. I will let you know my cholesterol level after I have been taking the flax seeds for awhile. Thanks, Chris 12.22.2007

“ I was hurt in an accident 2 yrs ago. I am in a wheel chair I have been in rehab learning to walk again in braces I had my cholseterol level checked my count was 262, I did not want to take drugs to lower it. A friend told me to try Flax Seed, I did some checking on the internet and found freshflaxseeds.com.

I called and ordered the seeds and a grinder. I have flax seed in the morning on my fruit. I am thrilled to say after 4 months I have lowered my count to 191 everthing is normal thanks to www.freshflaxseeds.com “ Joyce Matarese 10/16/06

"I have been using flax for just over a year now. I feel really good . I'm getting the best from you. I started with a small amt. but now I measure 1/4 c ground & a little more each day. I use it on oatmeal. My LDL is a problem but is down to 138 now. So I will keep working on it." Mary OR 8/13

Dr. reports on 3 people regarding cholesterol, triglyerides and LDL/HDL
55 year old women in one years time:
Tests showed cholestrol down 45 points, triglyerides down 54 points, HDL down 3 points, LDL down 31 points
47-year-old man showed results In 2 1/2 months.
Tests showed cholesterol was 284 down to 155 triglycerides 110 down to 96, HDL 50 down to 37
54-year-old women showed in 1 year’s time:
Cholesterol 260 to 188, triglycerides 264 to 91, LDL 158 to 118
"My daughter is 13. Whenever she feels something coming on, little sore throat or not feeling well, she is in the kitchen grinding up the flax! A teenager would not be doing this unless they were finding results." S.S. ND

"I have been on golden flax for 2 years.  It has gotten my cholestrol down to 175 which was close to 300. It is WONDERFUL, my weight also came down.  Everything what they tell you is true, it has done wonders for me. 9/18/04

"In 4 months dropped cholestrol down from 253 to 219, triglyerides went to normal lost 32#. CMF"2/21/03

"My arthritis is almost gone. Feel so much better". K.B. ND MN 9/20/02

"In 2 months my cholesterol went down 60 points (275 to 215)." E.W. ND,10/03

"Thank you for introducing me to Golden Flax Seed. I have probems with high cholesterol which in Feb 01 was 274, in March 01 I started drinking the flax drink and in June 01 my cholesterol is down 30 points.  I drink it daily." JB MN 7/3/01

An 86 year old lady has been on golden flax seed for over 6 months and said her hair is getting darker and thicker and her nails are stronger and longer! Her husband is 91 and is thankful for the natural elimination.10-24-04
JH Texas

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